Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Identity of the Famechon and Mérode Regiments, and other things

Came across which appaears to be a good resource for the French, soI had a search for the two French regiments I can't find a lot on, and came up with:


Became the Régiment du Saint-Mauris in 1761(via other name-changes), which gives us a flag of brown/black/black/brown according to, and grey coats faced red with brass buttons and a black/black/black/black flag according to


A bit trickier. The PDF above says it became the régiment de Tournon in October 1690, and was disbanded in 1698. However, it still seems to have been around for the Camisard uprising according to, which has the first poster referring to 'Agenois (Tournon)'. Going to, we have this as the colour:

But this Rigo plate (taken from an eBay auction, of all places) disagrees:

as does the plate, which seems to replace Rigo's blue with red:

So I dunno. tends to disagree with other sources to varying extents, but I have no idea what is more correct. Regarding the top picture, I'm trying to have a few more pictures in my posts so here's a random image from the Vinkhuijzen Collection

Also, while looking this up I came across this:

which would indicate that the Dillon regiment originally wore blue and that their colour was red and blue, which confuses things further (if I am reading it correctly)

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