Friday, 25 December 2009

Colonel Clifford Walton (2)

All the relevant London Gazette extracts:

London Gazette 6/9 August; Prince George of Denmark's Foot, Privates' hats "laced with "a broad gold-coloured lace."

London Gazette 13/17 August 1689; Lisburne's Foot, private's hat laced "with gilt " lace.

London Gazette 27/30 August 1691; Atkins's Foot, private's hat "black edged with white."

London Gazette, 25/28 July 1689; 15th Foot private's Granadeer 's cap edged "with white, with the King's cypher."

London Gazette 30 June/4 July 1687; 1st Dragoon Guards "a white Holland waistcoat"

London Gazette 22/25 August 1687; 10th Foot; coats blue, loops red and white.

London Gazette 24/28 October 1689; Monmouth's Foot; coat grey, faced blue, loops red.

London Gazette 10/13 February and 17/20 February 1689/90; Cutts's Foot; coats red, lined dove colour, loops black and white.

London Gazette 16/20 September 1686, 1st Foot Gds.; deserters, some in grey coats faced with black velvet.

London Gazette 23/26 April 1688; 9th Foot; deserters, coats "grey lined with black."

London Gazette 27/31 January 1686/7; 3rd Dragoons; deserters, "grey coat, sleeves "faced with black."

London Gazette 18/31 August 1690; 7th Dragoon Guards; deserter with red coat and over this "a grey coat with black buttons."

London Gazette 13/17 June, 1689; Lisbume's Foot, deserter in his uniform buff- coloured coat, and "with a red cloth surtout."

London Gazette 25/28 November 1689 and 17/20 February 1689/90; Cutts's Foot; deserters in red coats lined and faced Isabella, and red surtouts faced ditto. A red coat lined with Isabella-coloured baize, and red surtout faced with same, with black and white looping ; another "with all his mounting except the surtout."

London Gazette 1/4 September and 22/25 September 1690; 1st Ft. Guards; deserters with "red loose coats over " their other coats; and "in red coats" both having upper red "coats over them."

London Gazette 24/28 November 1687; Anne of Denmark's Horse; deserter with " coat red lined yellow," but "cloak red faced red."

London Gazette 11/15 April 1695 and 34/28 March 1698; Macclesfield's Horse; deserters with "coats red lined grey" but "grey cloaks."

London Gazette 2/6 June 1692 and 17/20 June, 1700; 5th Dragoon Guards; ''waistcoats of striped stuff," and "white waistcoats."

London Gazette 17/20 June 1700; 5th Dragoon Guards; deserter with "coat red lined white," but "cloak red lined red."

London Gazette 21/24 April 1684; the Blue ; deserter with "tawny-coloured breeches."

London Gazette 9/13 June 1687 ; Prince George of Denmark's Regiment; a red coat with "an old yellow coat under it"; (The regt. had worn yellow coats in 1685).

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