Wednesday, 30 December 2009

1690 in London

Came across a couple relevant-ish items in London:

1. 'The Market Place and the Grote Kerk at Haarlem' by Gerrit Berckheyde (dated 1679) in the National Gallery contains this rather martial-looking figure in the bottom-left who is presumably an officer. Very short sleeves notable

EDIT: A Mr. Rampjarr, from the 'Anno Domini 1672' blog at kindly informs me that the date of the painting is in fact 1674.

2. A very nice model of a regiment of foot in 1685 in the National Army Museum, with five companies (R-L): grenadiers, musketeers with flag of St. George's cross edged white on a blue field with small JR cypher in centre (I think, it was very small) as the flag, musketeers with flag the same, nothing in centre, musketeers with flag as the previous, long yellow pile in top-left corner, musketeers with flag as previous, piles as before in all corners, starting from corners closest to St. George's cross. All red lined blue, silver buttons

This doesn't tally to any known regiments, incidentally, but was nice to see

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