Saturday, 21 November 2009

More re-enactors

Very orange-looking Gardes te Voet colour cross (I think that's what it is)

You can just make out what looks like the Zurlauben colonel's colour

A more tooled-up version of what I assume is the Douglas' colour (I assume this is the blue colour from the last batch of photos) with a red scroll at the top and thistle device in the centre, as well as what appears to be an IHSV flag with all-red cantons, note also what looks very much like the flag of the French-Irish Berwick Regiment (not at the battle, far as I know)

Different view of the above

Some cavaliers

Nice view of a (very brightly-coloured) colour of Lord Bellew's

The Garda hard at work preventing anybody from attempting an actual re-fight of the battle, interesting to see the very improvised-looking Jacobite uniform with brown facings, and the very decorated coat behind him, which looks very like a Gardes-Francaises coat but I would assume is a drummer's, perhaps for the Famechon or Zurlauben regiments?

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