Saturday, 21 November 2009


Came across this in my goings

I am aware that re-enactments aren't the best source of accurate information, but here we go anyway, four photos from the site:

Musketeer all in red, could be Louth's for the Jaobites or George Hamilton's, Henry Bellias' or John Hanmer's for the Williamites
Flags of Colonel Hastings', Earl of Antrim's (slightly more turquoise than usual) and the Queen Dowager's

Some cannons, note the long, straight trails

What I assume is Hery Dillon's flag on the far left, a blue flag of some sort with a red and white device on it, and what is perhaps a French colonel's colour
The cavalry, L-R: yellow facings, green saddle trimmed gold; red facings, yellow saddle trimmed red; an officer, red faced red, orange (?) saddle faced gold; red coat faced yellow
No idea what regiments these are, if any

The tea shoppe, which looks pleasant

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