Thursday, 22 October 2009

Henry Dillon's Colour

Skipping ahead briefly to the Jacobites, for no real reason other than I really like the IHSV-type flags

There's no direct souce for this, but seeing as these flags were used by the RĂ©giment de Dillon by the time of the Spanish Succession, and that this sort of flag was carried by other Jacobite units, I'm hoping it's not too big of an assumption to give it to Dillon's men in 1690

Not entirely sure about the Colonel's colour, I'm taking it from an Andre Joineau plate which doesn't attatch a date to it. Warflag has the same style of flag but with a red cross instead of white for the WSS, marked as speculative, but it maybe seems more plausible for the Boyne as the regiment was, of course, a British one loyal to a King of England in its view? The all-white field is very French as well, and could have been a later change once the Regiment was on the French establishment?

Also turns out I've been spelling 'Sir John Hanmer' wrong all these years

EDIT: The plot thickens (found this on my hard drive, notice the date given):

'Regimental' colour is an interesting design, looks to be the same but with the cross a lot narrower and the corner crowns a lot smaller

No cross at all for the Colonel's, and an inscription regrettably too small to make out, though I've sized it up slightly

Label of 'Dillon Allemand' is intriuging


  1. Nice flag, may I ask where did you get it from? I think also you should check out Wienand Drenth's blog on the English Army ( Kindest regards, AD 1672!

  2. All of the poor-quality flags on white backgrounds I draw myself

    The picture at bottom is from