Saturday, 24 October 2009

Colonel Brewer's Colours

Into the realms of speculation a bit

Descrption is from, as usual, Lawson, but there's no mention of the colours of any of the details on the Colonel's, so I'm going on educated (or more likely not) guesses here

Also, in the Lawson there's also a drawing of two colours of the regiment captured by the French in 1693, which have as the device a crown with an arm holding an axe coming out of the top (my excellent knowledge of heraldic terms shining through here) and this is described as Brewer's coat of arms.

I assumed that those colours, explicitly labelled as Brewer's, were the ones I was after, and that the ones above, labelled Duke of Norfolk's Regiment 1688, were for when the regiment was the Duke of Norfolk's (surprisingly). However, the regiment became Brewer's in 1686 according to Richard Trimen, and so if that's the case it means that 'Norfolk's' colours were being used by Brewer in 1688, but not by 1693. Therefore, with no more information to go on, I'm giving the regiment the 1688 colours, for the rather specious reasons that there's more information on them, and 1688 is only 2 years off compared to 3.

This is why I will never be a proper historian

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