Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Miscellaneous points

1. I am not dead

2. John Kinross says of Col. Harbord's Troop, 'Harbord was the financial controller and his men were clerks'

3. Michael Sheane gives the French regiments present as: Zurlauben, Biron, Bouilly, Tirlon, Chémerault

Zurlauben checks out, obviously, Biron are Famechon far as I can tell, but the others are something of a mystery


  1. Hi Dan. I just discovered your site and it is a bit of a Godsend. I am in the process of collecting wargame armies for the War of Two Kings. I haven't selected which units to represent yet and am still looking for uniform and flag details.
    I will trawl through your old posts to see what I can glean. Great job and many thanks - Cheers Paddy.

  2. Thanks for the comment

    I'm working (very slowly) on getting a uniform reference together, so do check back occasionally