Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Some Jacobite flags I made up

If anybody wants some flags

Left to right, top to bottom:
ECW Irish flag slogan; ditto; ditto, 'Carolus' changed to 'Jacobus'; Jacobite slogan plus red hand; French-style colour with the IHSV; ditto; cross and crown; Latin slogan I liked the sound of (my strength is from heaven); IHSV flag with swords; IHSVs with random colours

Monday, 26 October 2009

Oxford Blues

Lawson again

Not 100% sure I've got the King's standard right

I think that's what 'Their Majesties crown and cypher' is meant to be

John Lanier's standards

The horrible cypher returns, source is Lawson

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Colonel Villiers' Standard

Nice 'n' easy, from Lawson

Colonel Coy's Standards


Brigadier Trelawney's Colour

From Lawson, backed up by the Osprey 'The British Army 1660-1704'

The cypher just looks like a squiggle here, but in my defense it basically is a squiggle

Brigadier Stewart's Colours


Colonel Beaumont's Colours

Lawson again

Field colour is my attempt at 'a dark pinkish crimson'

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Colonel Brewer's Colours

Into the realms of speculation a bit

Descrption is from, as usual, Lawson, but there's no mention of the colours of any of the details on the Colonel's, so I'm going on educated (or more likely not) guesses here

Also, in the Lawson there's also a drawing of two colours of the regiment captured by the French in 1693, which have as the device a crown with an arm holding an axe coming out of the top (my excellent knowledge of heraldic terms shining through here) and this is described as Brewer's coat of arms.

I assumed that those colours, explicitly labelled as Brewer's, were the ones I was after, and that the ones above, labelled Duke of Norfolk's Regiment 1688, were for when the regiment was the Duke of Norfolk's (surprisingly). However, the regiment became Brewer's in 1686 according to Richard Trimen, and so if that's the case it means that 'Norfolk's' colours were being used by Brewer in 1688, but not by 1693. Therefore, with no more information to go on, I'm giving the regiment the 1688 colours, for the rather specious reasons that there's more information on them, and 1688 is only 2 years off compared to 3.

This is why I will never be a proper historian

Gardes te Voet

This old chestnut, the subejct of some prior discussion on the Wars of Louis Quatorze blog

Going with the clothing book description (quoted, as ever, in the Lawson) which leaves the crown off (the crown apears in the Osprey)

Colonel Hastings' Colours

From our friend Lawson again

Lieutenant-General Douglas' Colour

From Lawson again

Not sure where the numeral on the 1st Captain's is meant to go, but precedent has it above the cross rather than on it

Friday, 23 October 2009

A digression

Turns out there's another, better, blog with basically this name

Taking the opportunity to link to it here


EDIT: changed the name so this makes no sense now, ah well

Kirke's Colours

Source is Cecil C. P. Lawson's 'A History of the Uniforms of the British Army'

The description of the Major's colour didn't specify if the corner with the pile also had the yellow design, but I thought having them both looked odd so I left the pile on its own

French Colours

Can't find a reference for the Mérode and Famechon regiments

Sources are the Osprey for Zurlauben and the excellent Drapeaux.org for the others

Lord Bellew's colour

Taken from the background of one of the double-page illustrations in the Osprey

Reiver Castings' has a similar colour, but with with darker colours, and a bigger harp and smaller crown

The 'Regimental' has an illegible inscription in gold over the crown and the 'Colonel's' a St. George's cross surrounded by white in the uppermost corner

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Earl of Antrim's Colour

From the Osprey, not much comment to make

Reiver Castings has for sale the colour for this regiment of the style shown above, as well as another (a Colonel's, presumably) which is a pure green field with a red cross tapering inwards slightly in the uppermost corner

Henry Dillon's Colour

Skipping ahead briefly to the Jacobites, for no real reason other than I really like the IHSV-type flags

There's no direct souce for this, but seeing as these flags were used by the Régiment de Dillon by the time of the Spanish Succession, and that this sort of flag was carried by other Jacobite units, I'm hoping it's not too big of an assumption to give it to Dillon's men in 1690

Not entirely sure about the Colonel's colour, I'm taking it from an Andre Joineau plate which doesn't attatch a date to it. Warflag has the same style of flag but with a red cross instead of white for the WSS, marked as speculative, but it maybe seems more plausible for the Boyne as the regiment was, of course, a British one loyal to a King of England in its view? The all-white field is very French as well, and could have been a later change once the Regiment was on the French establishment?

Also turns out I've been spelling 'Sir John Hanmer' wrong all these years

EDIT: The plot thickens (found this on my hard drive, notice the date given):

'Regimental' colour is an interesting design, looks to be the same but with the cross a lot narrower and the corner crowns a lot smaller

No cross at all for the Colonel's, and an inscription regrettably too small to make out, though I've sized it up slightly

Label of 'Dillon Allemand' is intriuging

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

John Hanmer's Colour

Drawing some Williamite colours aimlessly for a bit, with the aim of compiling a big chart eventually

Source is the Osprey, corroborated by Lawson

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Hello Campers

I'll be wittering about Nine Years' War uniforms here, especially for that particular battle, you know the one I mean